Activity and Sensory



Many domestic gardens consist of perfectly manicured lawns and well-tended flower beds, which can be beautiful to look at but not particularly suitable for dogs to explore.  I have designed my garden with dogs in mind and hope that they can explore using all of their senses.  This garden contains lots of different areas for your dog to explore - it can sometimes look a little tatty around the edges but I'm sure that your dog won't mind!

The garden has a variety of features, including a woodland stream, a sandpit, willow structures, tables, and jumps.  There is a ‘Herb Hedge’ where I plant a variety of dog-friendly plants which dogs can explore and ‘self-select’ should they chose to.  There is also an area called ‘Curiosity Corner’- this area has lots of interesting and unusual objects for your dog to explore.  Activities like these can provide great enrichment for dogs and can help enormously with their confidence and optimism.

The garden is fully secure and is surrounded by fences of at least 5ft. Just inside the garden entrance, there is a tap with fresh drinking water available for your dog.  There is a picnic bench by the stream for you to sit on while your dog plays.


How to Book

The garden is currently closed for the winter to prevent it from becoming a mud bath!

I will open it again in the spring so please check back then to access the online booking page.