When you’re out and about with your dog, do you sometimes wonder who’s walking who?


When you first got a dog, did you imagine carefree walks in the countryside with your faithful friend trotting along merrily at your side? Did you have an image of man’s best friend slotting in easily into your life, with daily walks a highlight of your day? Did you imagine that your dog would arrive in your life able to walk quietly and attentively at your side, regardless of any distractions?


This is a reality for some dog owners, but for others it can seem like an unreachable goal. If you have picked up this book, I suspect that you may have a quite different experience of walking your dog. Perhaps your dog pulls endlessly on the lead? Or maybe they bark and lunge at other dogs or people when you’re out and about? Maybe you find that your daily dog walk is just another chore that needs to be ticked off the list every day?


If walking your dog is a challenge, then this is the book for you! It outlines what equipment you’ll need for successful walks, as well as techniques to achieve really great loose lead walking. It talks about dog walking etiquette and how you should interact with other people and their dogs while out and about. This book discusses how much exercise your dog should have and what form it should take. It also looks at what you can do on those days when you just can’t walk your dog, for whatever reason.


If you want to turn your walks from canine chaos to an oasis of calm within a busy life, then read on…

Who's Walking Who? by Victoria Hooper